Our Partners

In order to ensure its growth and its prosperity, Prévoir has decided to partner with MFI and offer to its clients credit insurance as well as health, accident and life insurance.

For Micro-finance institutions, there are many advantages to running a micro-insurance business with Prévoir. The first positive aspect is about marketing: the creditor will have an offer that differs from competitors. In addition, micro-insurance can reinforce the creditor’s traditional offer providing a valuable service to customers. Moreover, it can contribute to improve creditors’ corporate image reinforcing its social responsibility, since in the event of death of the borrower, the heirs are debt-free and in the event of illness, the borrower doesn't need to sell an asset to cover the costs.

Eventually, the partner will be able to benefit from Prévoir's assistance in insurance to build a seamless solution, which fits to its credit offer and marketing. We will also assist the partner with the training of its staff.

As for August 2014, we are pleased to work with 5 MFI and 1 leasing company on different products (health insurance only, credit-life insurance only or a combination of health and life).