Mrs. Veth Sophorn

My name is Veth Sophorn. I live in Bakan district, Pursat province. Few weeks ago, I was sick and I had to go to hospital. At first, I wanted to go to a clinic in the village as I thought they would provide quality medical care and service. But, I preferred to call Prévoir Hotline to inform them about my sickness and ask for advice.

Ms. Chan Ravy

My name is Chan Ravy and I am Mr. Nuth Borey’s wife. My husband was sick and he passed away in October. It was unexpected, as he never had any health issue before.

Ms. Signh Neth

My name is Signh Neth. I’m 30 years old. I just gave birth. This is my baby and he’s 18 day-old. My husband’s salary and mine are not enough to cover the expenses for a hospitalization, but since I have insurance that covers maternity, it is reducing our expenses.

Ms. Meit Samorn

My name is Meit Samorn. I live in Kandal province. I bought PKMI insurance through Chamroeun Foundation. I believe that insurance will protect me from expenses in case of sickness. I pay less than 40,000 Riel per year. I had never claim but my aunt did.

Ms. Sorn Somloth

I’m Sorn Somloth. I’m 27 years old. I live in Kandal province. This is the first time I buy insurance. At first, I didn’t really trust insurance services but my neighbor convinced me. The neighbor said: “ I have insurance. It’s helpful in case of sickness. It will cover the medical expenses.” After I discussed with my husband, I decided to buy insurance

Daughter of Ms. Jum Sombo

My name is So Savorn. I’m Ms. Jum Sombo’s daughter. My mom passed away 8 weeks ago. She was insured with Prévoir so I received a financial compensation from Prévoir. With the sum I received, I managed to pay back the debt of my loan and I still have some amount left for saving.

Mr. Him Phyrun

My name is Him Phyrun and I am Mrs. Ponn Rethsy’s husband. She passed away in August. As I knew that her company provided insurance to their staffs, I submitted a claim at Prévoir last week.

Mr. Chea Sitha

I’m Chea Sitha. I’m grateful that my employer bought insurance for me. I’m secure against any medical expenses. Before, I did not have insurance and I had to use my own money to pay for medical expenses. Now, I do not have to worry about this issue anymore as I have Prévoir's insurance.