Micro Finance Institution

Prévoir (Kampuchea) Micro-Life Insurance Plc., subsidiary of Prévoir Group, offers Health Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Life Insurance and Credit Insurance to MFI's clients.

Our main challenge is to determine the coverage that best fits MFI's clients.

What are the advantages for MFI?

  • A differentiated offer from competitor as you also propose insurance
  • Reinforce your image and social responsibility
  • Reduce credit risks
  • Strong Prévoir team to support you anywhere in the country

What are the advantages for MFI's clients?

  • Easy to understand and subscribe
  • Prevent MFI's clients' families from falling below the poverty line by protecting them from financial burden in case of illness, accident or death
  • Offer the heirs a financial security
  • Protect the clients from selling personal goods to settle loan
  • Secure their business growth

Why Choose Prévoir?


  • Subsidiary of Prévoir Group, French Insurance group, specialized in health and life insurance since 1910 in France
  • Dedicated team with more than 10 years' experience in health and life insurance in Cambodia
  • Complete solution package with Health Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and Life Insurance


  • Coverage matching your clients’ needs
  • Customer support team in 25 provinces in Cambodia
  • 24/7 free hotline 1800 218 008 and SMS system


  • No minimum size for a MFI
  • Easy subscription without medical test
  • Medical treatment without advance payment



Micro Finance Institution Products:

Health Insurance covers your health expenditures from pre-hospitalization consultations to post-hospitalization care in case of illness or accident. For less than 7 cents a day, Prévoir protects you from unexpected medical expenses 24/7 in Cambodia.

Personal Accident Insurance provides benefits to insured in case of accident. Prévoir covers your medical expenses for accidental injury and provides monetary compensation in case of permanent disability or accidental death.

Term Life+ Insurance provides your family with monetary compensation in case of non-accidental and accidental death.

Credit Life Insurance provides families with loan protection and guarantees to settle the loan to the creditor in case of death. Prévoir will be responsible for the loan pay-off and the insured's heirs will be debt free.