How to use our services?

Step 1: Call our Free 24/7 Hotline

Prévoir is available for you 24/7 if you need any information concerning our services and your health coverage.
In order to benefit from our services, you must call before using any medical services by giving us:

 Prévoir ID number
Phone number
Purpose of your call

Step 2: Get treatment

With PKMI, you can get medical care in:

partner Health Facilities: we pay instead of you! Just show your PKMI card and your national ID card to get access to cashless medical services (up to the limit of your insurance plan subscribed). Cashless available in 25 provinces with our network of more than 150 Partners Health Facilities.

non-partner Health Facilities: pay in advance and claim back for reimbursement.

Need assistance: call 1800 218 008 or 097 608 5000.